What will happen to my contract and billing?
There will be a legal assignment (with notice) of your current contract to Pickaweb. We will require you to accept our terms of business which you can see here and you can see our Privacy and Data Protection Policy here. Your contract with Gradwell will be honored until such time as you have accepted the new terms of business with Pickaweb. Pickaweb will take over all billing duties.

What will happen with my data?
Your data will be migrated to Pickaweb’s data centre, this will all be handled for you. You will be informed when the migration is commencing & once this has been completed. We will keep you informed and we will provide any changes to passwords to ensure that there is minimum interruption to your service.

Will my emails be transferred over?
Yes, emails will be transferred to the new servers.

Will my email forwarding rules still be in place?
Pickaweb will transfer all email forwarding rules.

Will I need to do anything?
We will handle everything for the migration. There will be a requirement to update some details on your email client on your computer and/or mobile device. We will notify you of these changes when your data is migrated.

What control panel will I use?
We use the industry leading control panel called ‘cPanel’. This links in closely with our general control panel which you will be given full details for shortly.

When will my data be migrated?
Customer accounts will start being migrated as of 12th June 2018. You will be emailed once your migration begins and you will be given your relevant login details.

Should I expect any downtime from my service?
Pickaweb are migrating all account details and data before updating your DNS, as such whilst there is a risk of service interruption, it should be minimal / non-existent.

Will any functionality be lost?
Pickaweb are offering a like-for-like service which will cater for your needs. The one exception is any users taking advantage of the Dropsuite service. Pickaweb offers an alternative Hosting Backup & Restore service.

I have a problem with my service, who do I contact?
Pickaweb will be taking full responsibility for support and management moving forwards. We offer a 24×7 support service. For instant support, please click on the Live Help button at the bottom of our website

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