How does your account get affected by malware?

For preventing any instance of your web hosting account getting affected, it is very important to know how it actually gets affected with these malicious contents.The most common kind of security issues with individual web sites are due to either of the following reasons:

I. Account Password Disclosure

This happens when one of the machines you used is infected by a Trojan(a type of virus) or the net connection that you used was not protected by encryption. This allows hackers to collect login details to valid internet account. Once they have the login details to manage your account, they can modify any file in your account or upload any malware (i.e. malicious files) at will.

II. Web Application Vulnerability

This happens when one of the web applications you use in your website has a vulnerability. Most web applications have a live subscription service which lets the users know of a security issue or an upcoming upgrade availability. If this facility is not used by web application users, a vulnerability might be not known, and hackers can use that to upload malware to your site.

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