WHM is the admin control panel for web hosting resellers.

Through WHM you can administer your reseller account and all of its accounts.

This KB provides you with the steps that you could follow inorder to add accounts to your reseller WHM.

The first step would ideally be to get the register the domain name that you plan on adding to your reseller WHM, to point to our nameservers.

If the domains are purchased through Pickaweb, you can follow the steps mentioned in the following KB to update the nameservers.

If the domains are registered else where, you might want to get in touch with the registrars in order to get the domain to point to our nameservers.

Once that’s done, you can proceed with the following steps.

1. Log in to the WHM (Web Host Manager) of your reseller hosting account.

http://resellerdomain.com/whm (where reseller domain.com should be replaced with the domain name of your reseller account)

[eg: http://pickaweb.co.uk/whm]

2. Click on ‘Create a New Account’ under Account Functions.

3. Add the relevant information in the fields provided.

The main information you should have in hand are:

> Domain Information (which includes the domain name, the username and the password that you would be assigning the new account)
> The package that you plan on assigning to the account
> Settings ( This section defines additional settings for a user’s account. You will need to know the requirements of the account before continuing)
> DNS Settings (These settings allow you to enable DKIM and/or SPF records as well as configure which nameservers will be used for the new account’s domain. )
> Mail Routing settings (These settings allow you to specify how mail should be routed for the new account. )

4. Click on ‘Create’ to create the account.

That’s how you can add domains under reseller accounts.

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