If the MX record is pointing to the server’s IP address, then the configuration settings will be:

1. E-mail Address : Your complete email address

2. Password : Your email password

3. Incoming mail server (POP3) : mail.domain(eg: mail.pickaweb.co.uk)

4. Outgoing mail server (SMTP) : mail.domain(eg: mail.pickaweb.co.uk)

5. Outbound SMTP Port : 25 or 26  [ Some ISPs block port 25 traffic to
reduce spamming. If you are unable to send out mails through port 25,
try port 26. ]

6. Inbound POP3 Port : 110

Do NOT check the “Log on using secure authentication” option.

Do NOT enable SSL/TLS for this email account.

Leave a copy of messages on the server

This is one option that would come in handy when you have disk space concerns. Un-check this, and your emails will be popped and stored only on your local computer. Your emails will not be stored in the server anymore.

However, if you are planning on accessing your emails from different locations or multiple email clients, you wouldn’t want to check this option.

[Check out the steps to check/uncheck this option in various email clients.]

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