In this post I will show you how to create an FTP account.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, a method of managing the files associated with your website. cPanel comes complete with an FTP server that is pre-configured and easy to use. If you are the website owner, your FTP access should already be
configured. You can log in via FTP using your cPanel account username and password.

You can also set up FTP accounts for other users. This is where additional FTP accounts come into picture. These are the accounts that you create when you want to limit access of the account, to a specific directory of your choice.

An ideal scenario would be, where you hire a web-designer to design your addon domain for you. You create an FTP account and limit access of this account to the document root of your addon domain. This ensures that your web-designer accesses only contents of the site that he’s supposed to develop.

You can create an FTP account via your control panel by following these steps:

1. Log in into your cPanel account.
2. Under the Files tab you can find the label FTP accounts.
3. Click on FTP accounts.
4. Enter a username.
5. In the Password box, type the account’s password
6. Remember to use a secure password. A secure password does not contain dictionary words, and includes letters, numbers, and symbols.
7. For help generating a strong password, click the Password Generator button.
8. Retype the password in the Password (Again) box.
9. Specify the FTP account’s home directory.
10. The Directory field defines the top level of directory access that will be granted to the new account. For example, an account with a Directory assignment of /$dir will not be allowed to access the / (root) directory; however, it will be able to access /$dir and all of its subfolders.
11. Set the disk space quota. The Quota field determines how much disk space will be allocated to the FTP account.
12. Note: You will be unable to use quotas if your system administrator has selected to use ProFTP. ProFTP does not support quotas. Get in touch with us, if you face any issue with this.
13. Click Create FTP Account.

Learn more about uploading/downloading files using an FTP client.

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