Setting up custom nameservers is fairly simple.

If Pickaweb did not register your domain or you did not transfer your domain to Pickaweb, you will need to contact the company who registered your domain to register the custom nameservers.

If you have registered the domain with Pickaweb, you need to follow the steps below to register the custom nameservers.

1. Login to the domain management area.

2. Under the tab Nameservers, please click on “If you want to create or modify a nameserver which is based on click here.” at the bottom of the page.

3. Under ‘- Create Name Server -‘, give the name and the IP address of the nameservers.

4. Click on ‘Create Nameserver’.

For eg: should be registered to: (These IP addresses are mentioned just for test purpose. You need to purchase additional IP addresses in real.) should be registered to:

Once you register your nameservers, please log in to cPanel of and click on the ‘Advanced’ DNS Editor and add these two A records: should point to : should point to :

Now, if you want to use these nameservers for all the domains under the reseller account, please login to the WHM of the reseller and change the nameservers as mentioned below:

WHM >> Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup

However, there will be a DNS propagation delay of 12 – 24 hours for the settings to propagate all around the world and the sites may experience downtime.

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