You don’t need to do anything; all you need to do is go to the r1soft icon on your cPanel, search the date you need the backup from and restore what is needed. That’s it!

How often is my data backed up?

The server will backup daily, maintain 10 in total ( in between those 10 there will be 1 monthly and 1 weekly that will be saved on the server for restoring when wanted).

What can I back up? (files, email, databases?)

The server creates a copy of your directory  /home/ and your databases. In other words, it makes a copy of your web files, emails, configuration files, all databases etc.

How do I restore data?

Once inside you backup files, all you need to do is choose if what you want to restore is a web file, a database or a mailbox from the email accounts. If you want a specific file you can choose the first icon “Browse”, and once found the file, you can either download it to your computer (floppy disc icon) or overwrite existing file by selecting the “2 small computer icon” (remember select the option “Overwrite Existing Files” and leave “original location” at least if you want this option). If you need to restore a database you can do this from the second icon “Browser database” and the process is the same, select and “Restore database”. You can also download the content to your computer if you would like to analize it in more detail.

[Note: Pickaweb isn’t responsible for the use of this tool, we cant go back on mistake made by clients.]

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