If you have a WordPress site that belongs to industries like hospitality, fashion or travel, you may feel the need to add a full screen image in the background for an eye-catching look.

For convenience, a plugin can be used to accomplish this specific task. If you have a similar requirement, the Simple Full Screen Background Image is a nice plugin to use.

The plugin allows you to add an automatically scaled background image to your WordPress site, which means the image will adjust itself to fit the size of the screen, even in real time.

Here’s how to get it done –

1. Log in to your WordPress admin.
2. Go to Plugins in left navigation, and click the Add New function.
3. Type Simple Full Screen Background Image in search box and hit Enter.
4. Once found, click the corresponding Install Now button.
5. Click the OK button to confirm the start of installation.
6. After it’s installed, click the corresponding Activate Plugin link.

Now that the plugin has been installed and activated, it’s time to upload the full screen background image.

7. Go to Appearance in left navigation, and click on Fullscreen BG Image.
8. Click on the Choose Image button.
9. Upload the background image from computer.
10. Preview the image and confirm.
11. Finally, click the Save Options button.

That’s how you can add a large background image to your WordPress site within minutes and improve its look.


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