By a normal redirection from your cPanel, you can redirect a folder to a particular link. But there is not provision to add a redirection for all the files in a folder to a particular link in cPanel. But you can acheive this by following the below steps.

I am hereby explaining the concept with an example.

Redirect,…file2,…file3 etc.. (All the files in the folder test), to the link

  1. Log in to Cpanel for
  2. Go to file manager.
  3. Open the folder ‘test’
  4. Create a file with the name .htaccess (The dot is compulsory and the spelling should not be altered. If you have a one, open that).
  5. Enter the following lines there.
    RewriteEngine On
    RewiteRule (.*) [l,nc]
  6. Save the file and exit.
  7. Check the link

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