There are multiple ways to make money with a WordPress site. One of the most effective ones is to run Google Adsense, a popular advertising network owned by and managed by Google.

With Google Adsense added to your WordPress site, you can display text ads, image ads or video ads on your site and earn money every time a user clicks on them. The pay rate also varies according to the size of the ads you run.

Let us explain to you in a little more detail as to how you can add Google Adsense to your WordPress site

1. Do you have a Google Adsense account? If not, you can sign up for one anytime. In case you already have a Gmail account, you can use the same account to apply for a new Adsense account.

2. Before your Adsense account is approved, Google will review your site to verify eligibility. Once you have cleared the first step of the approval process, you can log in to your account and collect the code that you can add in WordPress to show ads.

3. Inside your Google Adsense account, you’ll be able to create different sizes, types and styles of ads. After you have chosen the options as per your requirements, you can save them and get the code. Copy this ad code and paste it into notepad.

4. Now that you have the Adsense code at hand, you’re ready to add it to your WordPress site. Though you can show these ads almost anywhere on your site, the sidebar is the most recommended area to place them. You can use the WordPress Widgets feature to easily display ads anywhere in the sidebar without any hassle.

5. Log in to your WordPress dashboard. In the left navigation menu, go to ‘Appearance’ and then click on ‘Widgets’. On the Widgets page, select the ‘Text’ widget and drag-and-drop it in your sidebar. Now, paste the Adsense code into the space provided and click the Save button.

That’s it! You have successfully added the Adsense code to your WordPress site and now ads will start to show in the sidebar. Depending on the amount of traffic your site receives, you’ll start to make money as visitors click on the ads. In any case, you should always remember to abide by the Google Adsense best practices so that you continue to make more money without getting your account banned by Google.

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