You can add or remove mailing lists easily within cPanel.

Follow these steps:

Here’s how to add a mailing list –

1. Login to cPanel.
2. Click on “Mailing list” under “Mail”.
3.Under “Create a Mailing List” enter the following details.

a. List Name:
b. Domain:
c. Password:
d. Password (Again):

4. Click on “Add Mailing List”

The mailing list created here is with “LIst Name” as ‘test’.

Now, you see the message – Mailing List Created
Updated List test domainname

This means you have successfully created the mailing list.

Here’s how to remove the mailing list –

1. Log in to cPanel.
2. Click on “Mailing list” under “Mail”.
3. Under “Current Lists” you can see the mailing list that you have created.
4. Click on Delete mentioned corresponding to the mailing list which you needs to delete.
5. It will ask for confirmation, where you need to click on “YES”.

Now, you see the message “The mailing list [email protected] was successfully deleted.”, which means the mailing list is has been removed.

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