Please follow the below steps to administer softawares installed from Fantastico with Softaculous. We are explaining here with an example how to import Joomla from Fantastico to Softaculous from within your web hosting service.

1. Log in to CPanel.
2. Click on ‘Softaculous’ under Software and services tab.
3. On the top right, you can see different options for Softaculous.(see the Screenshot-1 attached)
4. Click on the link Syncronize with other Auto installers.(Second last option with an orange icon having arrows inside)
5. You will see the window to select the domain and the path for the application to be imported. To import all softwares, only enter the domain name.
6. Now you will be showing with a window having all the softwares installed with Fantastico.(see the Screenshot-2 attached)
7. Check the corresponding boxes for the softwares you want to transfer to Softaculous and click on the link ‘Sync/Import’.
8. Please wait for the synchronization to be completed. After the syncronization is completed, click on the ‘Return to Main menu’ link.
9. Now under current installations, you will see the imported applications and their versions.
10. If you want to upgrade the version for the application, click on the link just a side to the current version of the application.
11. You will be showing with a window asking for confirmation for upgrade. Click in the ‘Upgrade’ link.
12. Wait for the upgrade to get completed. After this, click on ‘Return to overview’ to go back.
13. Now you can see the current verison for the application as updated.

You can find the edit, delete options for the applications nearer to the application under the tab ‘Options’.

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