In this quick video, you’ll find out how to assign a new user to a MySQL database in cPanel.

The MySQL Database feature in the cPanel allows you to assign a user to a database within minutes. This option comes in handy even when you’ve lost or forgotten the original password that you created for a database user. However, in this case, the configuration file for a particular script will need to be updated.

Follow these steps –

1. Log in to your cPanel interface.
2. Go to the Databases category on the home screen.
3. Click on the MySQL Databases icon.
4. Locate this section – Add User to Database.
5. Choose the user you want to assign.
6. Choose the database you want the user to be assigned to.
7. Click the Add button.
8. On the next page, check the All Privileges option.
9. Click the Make Changes button.

That’s how a new user can be assigned to a MySQL database from within the web hosting cPanel.

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