Here’s how you can back up mail in Horde:

1. Log in to your webmail account using full email address.
2. Once logged in locate and click on FOLDERS icon.
3. Select folder you would like to backup to your local disk.
4. Choose action DOWNLOAD FOLDERS (choose the zip format).
5. When pop up window opens, select SAVE (make sure you download backup file to known destination on your local disk in case you need to restore)

To restore, perform the following steps:

1. Locate the zipped file you had downloaded / backed up.
2. Unzip / uncompress the file [you’ll now have a “.mbox” files]
3. Back in webmail, select the folder you would like to restore “into” {eg: Inbox}.
4. Under the “actions”, choose Import messages.
5. From the browse menu, locate the .mbox file you would like to restore from.
6. Once selected, choose Import, this will restore the backed up emails into the selected folder.

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