Configuring Your GoMobi website

If you want to build a website using the goMobi site builder, you can do it without any kind of hassle. Given below are the key instructions that you’ll need to adhere to.

A. Log in to Your cPanel and Add a CNAME Record

1. Log in to cPanel.
2. Click on Simple DNS Zone Editor.
3. If you have multiple add-on domains – choose the appropriate one from the drop down menu.
4. Under “Add a CNAME record”, in the NAME field type “m.”.
5. In the CNAME field type “”.

[Please note: Reference to cPanel and its functions are specific to customers using the cPanel control panel. If your site is does not use cPanel, please contact support at [email protected] to help you in the configuration.]

B. Build Your GoMobi Mobile Site

1. Log in to your goMobi account using the credentials provided in your welcome email.
2. Click on Launch Site builder and create your site using the Design and Features tab.
3. Scroll down the list of features and select those you would like to add to your goMobi site. Click the OK button to instantly add them to your site!

Got questions? Click the “help” link in the goMobi Site Builder anytime for hints and easy to follow instructions.

C. Redirect Mobile Traffic to Your New GoMobi Site

If you want your site to automatically identify the mobile device used by your visitors, please select the appropriate language from the “redirection code language” drop-down menu.

Paste this code into the header of your site’s index.html file.

We hope you have found this tutorial useful on how to build a goMobi website.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.

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