Check out this video to know how you can change an email account quota in cPanel.

While you can create email accounts in cPanel, you can also change the quota allotted to each one of them.

You may have this requirement depending on the influx of incoming emails or when a user’s email account quota surpasses the assigned limit.

You can do this via your hosting control panel.

Here’s how to do it –

1. Log in to your cPanel interface.
2. Navigate to the Mail section.
3. Click on the Email Accounts icon.
4. Locate the account for which you want to change the quota.
5. Click on the Change Quota link next to that account.
6. Enter a new value for Mailbox quota or choose Unlimited.
7. Click the Change Quota button.

That’s how you can change or adjust the email account quota in cPanel. You’ll receive a message that the quota was changed.

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