If you are getting an error message when trying to publish your website in hosting space on the server. If the username & password do not match then the server will not allow the updates to be published & you will get the error message.

It is very easy to check everything and reset these if you follow the steps below:

1. Go to your hosting control panel and login using the details sent to you in your welcome email.

Your hosting contol panel (CPanel) is where you set up email addresses etc.. You can get there by going to http://www.ENTERYOURDOMAINHERE/cpanel – just substitute your domain name where it says ENTERYOURDOMAINHERE

2. If you can log in to your cPanel then that username & password will be the same as your FTP username and password so all you need to do now is to update them in Website Builder. If you can not log in and you do not have your username and password for cPanel then just contact Pickaweb Support and ask them to reset & resend them to you.

3. When you are logged into Website Builder please select “My Account Settings” from the menu on the left hand side & then select the option “Website FTP Details” & in the field “FTP User Name” enter your FTP username & in the “FTP Password” & “Confirm FTP Password” please enter your FTP Password.

4. Now go back to the main Website Builder admin page and select the option to publish. If you do still experience any problems then please contact Pickaweb Support. If you advise them that you have updated the FTP password in Website Builder this will help them to analyse the issue and resolve it for you.

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