Changing the Password for a MySQL Database

Changing the password for a MySQL database is a simple task, but after changing the password, you also need to update the password in the configuration files in the site, so as to make your site function properly.

Steps to follow to change MySQL password:

1) Log in to cPanel.
2) Click on PhpMyAdmin tool available under Databases category in cPanel.
3) Select SQL queries.
4) Execute the following queries to change the database password:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES TO databasename.* to databaseusername@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY “password”;


5) When you execute the first query, you will received the output as below.

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES TO pick123.* to pickaweb@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY “123456”;

Query Ok, 1 Row affected.


Query OK, 0 rows affected

6) Now, you have changed the password for the database successfully.

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