Whois search for domain that is already takenWhen you are in the process of choosing a domain name you may find that the domain name that you are interested is already taken.

Where can I see who owns a domain?

You will need to do a whois search on the domain name.

How to find out who owns a domain name

When you do a whois search it will display who is the owner of the domain name.

Whois displays registrant details

There are instances when the data of the owner will not display. This happens when the owner of the domain name does not want to make his contact details public and has purchased a domain whois privacy service.

How can I buy a domain name that is already registered?

If you are interested in a domain name that is already purchased by someone else I would first check if the domain name has an active website.

If they have not got a website you can try to contact them using the contact details tha appeared on the whois database.

If no details are showing you can contact a domain broker company who can try to approach the owner of the website with your bid.

The cost of the purchase will depend on what the both parties agree.

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