The video tutorial helps you understand how to compose an email message in Gmail.

If you have a Google account and logged in to your Gmail inbox, you’re ready to send or receive emails. If you want to send an email to someone, you should use the Compose Mail link available inside your Gmail. Apart from using other features, you can also format your message in a number of ways to make it look good to the recipient’s eye.

Here’s how you can compose an email message –

  1. Log in to your Gmail.
  2. To write a new email message, click the Compose Mail link.
  3. Write the recipient’s email address in the To field.
  4. Cc or Bcc the email message by using Add Cc and Bcc functions.
  5. Enter a Subject for the message you want to compose.
  6. Click the Attach a file link to attach a document.
  7. Now, write the body of the message.
  8. Format your text as required using the menu bar above.
  9. Click the Discard button if you don’t wish to send the message.
  10. Or else, click the Send button to shoot your email.

That’s how you can compose a new email message in Gmail. As soon as you hit the Send button, assuming everything else is just right, your email message will be sent in an instant. You’ll also receive this confirmation message – Your message has been sent.

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