Apart from the default one, you can create as many WordPress users for your needs as possible. The additional users that you create can function as contributors, authors, editors etc. You can accomplish this specific task easily from within your WordPress dashboard.

Please check the following steps to create a new user –

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
2. Go to Users in the left navigation menu.
3. Click the Add New link.
4. Enter a new username.
5. Enter an email address.
6. Enter the first and last name of the user.
7. Enter a new password.
8. Enter the password once again.
9. Choose a role for the user you’re creating.
10. Click the Add New User button.

That’s how you can create or add a new WordPress user. With the log in details that you create, the new user can easily log in to the WordPress dashboard and perform tasks as per the role assigned.

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