This feature can be configured to automatically send response messages. This can be useful when the recipient is unavailable. To view auto responders for a specific domain on your account, click the Managing menu and choose the domain for which you wish to set auto responders.

The cPanel interface provides a table that lets you view, edit, or delete existing responders. To quickly find a specific email address, type a keyword in the Search field and click Go.

How to Create an Auto Responder

Please follow the steps to create an Auto responder usind cPanel:

1. Log in to your cPanel.
2. Click on the Auto Responders icon under the tab “Emails”.
3. Click on the Add Auto-responder button.
4. Enter the email address for which you want to setup the auto-responder.
5. Specify from who’s name you want the reply to be.
6. Enter the email subject.
7. Enter the message that will be sent.
8. Click on the Create/Modify button.

You can use tags to insert information dynamically into the subject and body fields. For instance, if you’ve inserted the %subject% tag in one of these fields, it will be automatically replaced by the original email’s subject.

How to Remove an Auto Responder

1. Click Delete next to the appropriate auto responder.
2. Click Yes to confirm that the responder should be deleted.

[If you wish to keep the auto responder, click No.]

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