Email Set Up & Email Forwarders in Plesk

Plesk panel provides incredibly easy GUI for creating email accounts and email forwarders with single clicks. Let’s see how this is done.

Create an Email Account

Open your Plesk control panel and go to the Mail tab.


Click on the ‘Create Email Address’ button.


Fill in the On-screen fields asking for the name of the email address and enter a desired password. You can also set the desired size of the mailbox.

If you go back to the ‘Mail’ page again, you can see the already created accounts.


Create Email Forwarders

Select the Email Account for which you need to create Email forwarder by clicking on that that email address.


Just enter email addresses to which the mails needs to be forwarded to and click Ok.

Create Email Aliases

The purpose of setting Email alias is to receive a copy of the mails send to these alternate email addresses in the primary mail address.

In the same page (shown in the above screenshot), click on the Email Aliases tab.


Just set the email alias and click OK.

This is all you need to know!

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