Stand alone Nginx server supported with PHP-FPM is a very fast and reliable web server . PHP-FPM provides the gateway interface for processing dynamic PHP content similar to what FastCGI does when combined along with Apache. Plesk control panel supports this setup to a great extend and provides in-built tools to install it.

Let us see how this can be configured.

Open Plesk control panel as the admin or the privileged user.

Go to Home >> Server Management >> Tools & Settings


Click on Updates and Upgrades link from this page and that will take you to the Install and Update Odin products page.


Click on Add/Remove Components.


This gives you the list of components supported by Plesk. Expand the Web hosting features option.

Select php-fpm support for nginx option and click ‘Continue’. This will install nginx and php-fpm in the server. now we just need to enable this service. For enabling this service, go to Home >> Server Management >> Tools & Settings >> Services Management


If the service is not already enabled, you can do it by clicking the activate button on right of the php-fpm support nginx service.

There you go, you have Nginx with PHP-FPM installed in the server.

We hope you found this tutorial useful on enabling Nginx with PHP-FPM on Plesk.

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