Best WordPress ThemesThere are thousands of free and premium WordPress Themes that you can use to provide an attractive look to your WordPress site.

That means that these days anyone can have a great looking website. You just need to understand what’s the best choice for your needs.

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So, how to do you find the right WordPress Theme for your WordPress site? Here are some key pointers to help you make an informed decision.

  1. It’s important to understand your business needs. This may sound boring and obvious but it’s an important point. For example the needs of an Ecommerce site will be different from those of a website focused on lead generation, which may be different from a lifestyle type, magazine style website. There are thousands of beautiful WordPress Themes to choose from so try to avoid falling into the trap of picking the most visually stunning one – choose the one that most closely matches your business needs.
  2. Be prepared to put your hand in your pocket. A website is an investment and the design is not an area where you should cut corners. Sure, there are thousands of free themes, but using one of these may not always be the best decision for your business. Premium or paid themes offer additional features and functionality. If you plan to use a premium WordPress theme, you should be ready to make an investment.
  3. No matter which theme you choose to design your WordPress site, you should take the ease of customization into consideration as well. Many good themes come along with a customization dashboard from where you can easily customize almost every part of your site’s design. Unless you find a theme that’s easy to customize, you may end up spending a lot of time working with style sheets directly.Apart from looking good on large computer screens, your WordPress should also render really well on smartphones and tablets. Having a mobile-friendly site is crucial, as the number of mobile device users is only increasing with each passing day. While finding a WordPress theme, you should make sure that it’s responsive. A responsive theme is designed to adapt to the size of any screen where it’s viewed.
  4. Make sure the Theme you choose is Mobile Friendly. Look for Themes that have been built using Responsive Web Design. Responsive Design is a technique that allows a website to adapt to the type of browser that it is being viewed on and is especially important for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Having a mobile friendly website is very very important because mobile use is increasing year on year. Also, Google favours mobile friendly websites in its rankings so if your Theme is not Responsive then you could lose visitors to your more mobile savvy competitors.
  5. Last but not the least, you should always see to it that your chosen WordPress theme offers excellent customer support. If it’s a premium theme, you should check out what kind of pre and post-sales support it offers. Many WordPress theme providers have created support forums and other areas for fast customer communication. Find out about the different ways in which you can communicate with the support team when you need any kind of help with your theme.

If you keep all the above guidelines and tips in mind, you won’t have any problems finding a WordPress theme that makes your site a great look but also gets you more visitors and ore business.

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