You can find and troubleshoot the disk usage issues with your hosting account. To troubleshoot the issue, you will have to know the below details.

1. Identify the files and folders that are using the high disk usage.
2. Download or delete the unwanted files/emails.

1. Identify the files and folders that are using the high disk usage.
For this, you can find a detailed report from your cPanel itself. Please follow the below steps to find the details.

1a. Login to cPanel.
1b. Click on “Disk Space Usage” under Files tab

The first part will show an overall graph and the second will show the details. You need to click on the option “disk usage” to sort the details according to disk usage. Click on the + sign close to each directory to open and find the subdirectory size. (Refer to the snap shot)

2. Download or delete the unwanted files/emails
2.1) Download/delete files.

Once you have identified the high usage files, please note down and delete the unwanted files/folders from your cPanel. Sometimes the backups for the accounts may cause heavy disk usage. You need to download the file to your local PC and then delete it from the web space.

Files can be downloaded either using either the File Manager feature in cPanel or using FTP. You can refer the following links for the same.

2.2) Download/delete emails

You can either view and delete all your emails via webmail or using any email client.

You can always upgrade your plan with us in order to have more disk space available at your disposal. We have more info on how to upgrade my hosting plan.


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