How to hide your personal details on your domain name

How To Hide Your  Personal Information In The Domain WHOIS

In this post I will show you how to hide your name and address on your domain name

When you register a domain name you need to provide your details for the Registry (ICANN for .com or Nominet for UK domains)  so that they have a full record of the domain’s ownership.

Once a domain name is registered people can then search on the publically available Whois database to identify who owns a particular domain name.

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Why Do I Need To Consider Privacy?

The reason that you may want to keep your details private are the obvious ones around privacy and security. If your personal details like name, address, phone and email are shown on a Whois search then that could lead to nuisance calls or unwanted marketing materials being sent to you or possibly even identity theft.

What Happens If I Register It with My Name And My Address?

If your domain is registered as a business then that might not be an issue if you are using a business address and phone number.

However, often people will register their domain name in a personal capacity rather than as a business. Maybe that’s because they have not set up their business yet or purely because the domain name is for non business purposes.

For that reason there are a number of ways that you can protect your personal details from being made public. This is called Whois Privacy and it depends on the type of domain name you have registered.

.COM WHOIS Privacy

If you have registered a Top Level Domain (TLD) like a .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc., then there is a Whois Privacy service which is a chargeable service. You need to pay for the Whois Privacy Service each year that your domain name is registered.

When someone does a whois search on your domain name they will not see your name, address, phone number or email address.

You can set up Whois Privacy at any time through your Hosting Billing Area and it will be instantly activated.

.CO.UK Domain Privacy

With UK domain names like, .uk, the process is slightly different. In fact it is a free service if you are registering your domain name as an individual rather than as a business.

You can specify this when you are ordering your domain name. When you order there are a number of options for ‘Legal Type of Registrant Contact’.

If you are registering your domain name as an individual then you need to select the option ‘UK Individual’ or ‘Non UK Individual’. These are the only options which will allow you to set the Whois Privacy on.

If you choose any other option such as ‘UK Limited Company’ then your details will appear on the Whois search.

It is also worth noting that with UK domains the details which show are the owner’s name, business name and address. Telephone numbers and email addresses do not appear on Whois searches for UK domain names.

Finally, if you are registering the domain name for business purposes and you then subsequently register the domain name as an individual to use the Whois Privacy service for UK domains and the Registry (Nominet) discovers this they can temporarily suspend the domain name and ultimately revoke its use.

Getting Help For WHOIS Privacy

Should you experience any issues with the WHOIS Privacy please contact our support team and they can check and activate it manually if required.

We hope you have found this tutorial useful on how to hide your contact details such as name and address from the public information displayed about your domain name.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.


  1. steve jones

    Very helpful information. I have experienced nuisance contacts after people have searched for my domain name. Wanting to buy my domain name is the most annoying thing, then somehow people get my telephone number and bombard me with promotions relating to my field. I use my website for a parent led support group, rather than a business.

  2. Vinod Vyas

    Few domain resellers do not offer Domain Privacy services. Is there any way of enabling domain Privacy without moving out of the reseller account.
    Moving out of the current reseller would mean a lot of hassle as email, e-marketing and website is also hosted with the same reseller; and domain registration is part of same package.

    1. Support Article Author

      Most do offer domain privacy protection.
      You can always move to Pickaweb and we can help you with that.

  3. Redd Peters


    Are you able to help me with a .com domain account for Whois Privacy? The domain company is saying they can’t provide that service even though it says they can for $15 on their website.

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