Watch this video to learn how you can import a script into Softaculous.

If you have a script already installed through another auto-installer or manually, you don’t need to install it again when using Softaculous. All you need to do is simply import that particular script and it can be easily managed by Softaculous. You can accomplish this import task from within the cPanel of your website.

Here’s how to do it –

1. Log in to your cPanel.
2. Go to the Software/Services section.
3. Click on the Softaculous icon.
4. Go to the script you want to import (e.g.-  WordPress).
5. Click on the Import tab.
6. Select the domain for which you want the script imported.
7. Enter the directory name where the script is already installed.
8. Click the Import button.

In a moment, you’ll receive a confirmation message that the script has been successfully imported.

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