In this tutorial you will learn to import and export databases using phpMyAdmin

What does Importing and Exporting a database mean? 

Importing a database is the process of restoring a database with a database backup/dump file where as Exporting a database is the process of creating the backup/dump of a database.

phpMyAdmin makes importing and exporting databases extremely easy.

Exporting a Database

  • Go to cPanel >> Databases >> phpMyAdmin 
  • Select the database from the list of databases in the left panel.


  • Click on the Export tab.


  • Select the format SQL from the drop-down and click on ‘Go’ button.

This will download the database backup or dump in .sql format into your local computer.

Importing a Database

  • Open up phpMyAdmin and select the database as mentioned in the first two step above.
  • Click on the Import tab.


  • Click on ‘Choose File’ button and select the database dump in .sql format from your local computer.
  • Click on ‘Go’ button.

Importing a database would overwrite the database tables, so make sure you are not importing the dump/backup file to the wrong database.

This is as simple as it sounds but for any confusions and questions, our 24/7 Support team is always available via LiveChat or Email support.

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