If you’re thinking of importing all users from your old WordPress site to a new WordPress site, it can easily be done.

You can do it from inside your cPanel using the phpMyAdmin tool under the Databases section.

All you need to make sure before you start the transfer is that the database of the new WordPress site doesn’t have any users of its own or it will be overwritten.

First, you need to export WordPress users and then you finally need to import them to the destination (new) WordPress site.

The steps you’ll need to follow include –

1. If you have a wordpress hosting account, log in to your cPanel interface.
2. Navigate to the Databases section on the home screen.
3. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon.
4. In the left navigation, choose the database to export users from.
5. Click on Export in the top navigation.
6. Click the Custom radio button.
7. Click these checkboxes under Object Creation Options:

> Add DROP TABLE statement

8. Click the Go button.
9. Save the file to your desktop.
10. In the top left navigation, click on the Home icon.
11. Now, choose the database of the destination site in left navigation.
12. Click on Import in the top navigation menu.
13. Click on the Browse button.
14. Select the file that you saved to your desktop earlier.
15. Click the OK button.
16. Click the Go button.

That’s how you can import or transfer users from an old WordPress site to a new one within a couple of minutes.

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