Powerful eCommerce Software – Installation & Configuration of Prestashop

Prestashop is a free shopping cart software used to build online shops. It is available with our shared hosting plans.

Manual installation of Prestashop is really easy, not mention installing it via One-Click install tools like Softaculous. In this tutorial we will go through the manual installation of Prestashop via Command line and with Browser.

The steps involved are:

1) Download and copy the files archive.

2) Create database and database user, grand privileges

3) Configure the website and admin area via Browser

1) Download and copy the files archive

Change the working directory to the Document Root of the website

cd /home/pickawebtest/www

Download the files archive with wget from prestashop website

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/prestashop/prestashop%20v1/1.6.0%20stable/prestashop_1.6.0.8.zip

Unzip the archive

unzip prestashop_1.6.0.8.zip

Move the unzipped contents to the Document Root of the domain as the unziped contents will be present in the sub directory prestashop

mv prestashop/* /home/pickawebtest/www/

With this all the files are in the Document Root of the domain/website.

2) Create database and database user, grand privileges

Goto MySQL prompt as the admin or root user

mysql -u root -p

In the MySQL prompt, type the following to create a database,


Create a MySQL user who can access the database,

CREATE USER [email protected];

Set password for the MySQL user

SET PASSWORD FOR [email protected]=PASSWORD(“password”);

Grant privileges for the MySQL user to access the database

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON prestashop.* TO [email protected] IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;

Flush privileges for the changes to take effect


Exit from the MySQL propmt


This will create a new database and the preivileged user. Please note that you can change the database name, MySQL username and password as you wish.

Here is a screenshot you can look at for creating the database and it’s privileged user.


3) Configure the website and admin area via Browser

You can just access the website URL (eg: http://pickawebtest.com) in the browser to start the setup process.

You can go through the screenshots below for the setup process.


This is the installation wizard, select the desired language and click ‘Next’.

This will take you to the license agreement page.


Check box the agreement and click ‘Next’. Then comes the Store information page.


Just fill in the necessary store and admin page information and click ‘Next’. Then comes the database information page.


Fill in the database information (database name, MySQL user name and password which we created for the website). Click Next.


This will complete the installation. And you can go into the admin from here.


You can login to the admin page with the login credentials that you have entered in Store Information page.

Now, your basic Prestashop store is setup and you are ready to customise and start selling online.

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