In this video, you’ll learn how to install Cube Cart from Softaculous.

There are multiple shopping cart software applications. Among them all, Cube Cart is certainly one that quickly stands out with its innovative features. The software is developed to run on servers that come along with PHP and MySQL support. You can install Cube Cart from Softaculous in a couple of minutes from inside your web hosting control panel.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow for installation –

1. Log in to your cPanel interface.
2. Navigate to the Software/Services category.
3. Click on Softaculous.
4. Click on Cube Cart under E-Commerce in left navigation.
5. Click on the Install tab.
6. If your site carries SSL certification, choose HTTPS as protocol.
7. Choose the domain where you want to install it.
8. Enter a Directory and Database Name.
9. Enter Store Name, Store Owner and Store Address.
10. Enter Admin Username, Admin Password, Real Name and Admin Email.
11. Click the Install button.

In an instant, you’ll see that Cube Cart has been installed. You’ll also receive a message confirming successful installation.

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