The video walks you through the steps to install TinyWebGallery from Softaculous.

If you’re looking for a free photo album application that’s feature-rich, easy to use and runs without a database, TinyWebGallery is just the perfect option to go for. It comes along with responsive mobile support as well. The free software can be configured in minutes without any kind of hassle. You can install TinyWebGallery from Softaculous in cPanel.

Follow these steps for installation using Softaculous –

1. Log in to your cPanel interface.
2. Go to the Software/Services section.
3. Click on the Softaculous icon.
4. Click on TinyWebGallery under Image Galleries in left navigation menu.
5. Click on the Install tab.
6. Select HTTPS as protocol, if your site has SSL.
7. Choose the domain name where you want to install it.
8. Enter a Directory Name.
9. Enter a Gallery Name and a Gallery Description.
10. Enter an Admin Username, an Admin Password and an Admin Email.
11. Click the Install button.

In a moment, you’ll see that TinyWebGallery has been installed. A message will confirm that the software installation was successful.

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