As soon as you’ve got WordPress installation done, you can start to get the look & feel right.

With the log-in details that you’re sent to your admin email after installing WordPress, you can access the admin section (or the WordPress Dashboard) of your site to apply the required changes to the design side of things, install any plugins that you want to use for extra functionality or just start publishing your blog posts.

If you have a wordpress web hosting you just need to follow these simple steps to access the WordPress Dashboard:

#1. Open this URL

Visit the following URL in your browser. Replace ‘YourWordPressDomainName’ with your actual domain name.

a) For WordPress sites installed on root domain, use this URL:


b) For WordPress sites installed in a sub-directory, use this URL:


#2. Enter Username and Password

The path mentioned-above will lead you to the log-in page. Key in your username and password to get into the admin section of your site. Don’t confuse this WordPress login with that of your cPanel’s. Both these logins are different.

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