In order to login to your cpanel account check the following resources.

For security reasons, the ONLY link that you should use to log in to your web hosting control panel is (do not click on the link – please replace YOURDOMAINHERE with your domain name as shown below):


You just need to replace ” YOURDOMAINHERE” with your domain name. If your domain is then your cPanel login would be What will happen is that you will be redirected to a secure SSL protected link to ensure that your details can not be accessed by hackers.

How to Access cPanel

Please note that the following will NOT work:

3. http://IP_OF_SERVER:2082
4. https://IP_OF_SERVER:2083

Trying to use any of the above listed methods will result in either an error, or result in an insecure connection.

Once you are at the link, and if you are not able to log in to your cPanel please run through the following check list:

1. Incorrect username or password used. If you check your welcome email you will find your original login details. Please try these. If you are not able to login with these you can try the password reset option. If you are still unable to access your cPanel, just send a quick email to [email protected] and we will reset them & resend them to you.

2. Your domain name may have expired. If you login to your Billing Area you can check the expiry date and if necessary renew your domain name.

If you need to log in to your cPanel urgently just click on the Live Help Chat Button at the top right of our website to chat with us or open a ticket to  [email protected] so that we can assist you.

We hope you have found our guide on how to login to your cPanel web hosting control panel useful.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.


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