Tips on how to create a website or a blog

In this post I will explain how you can easily make a website or a blog.

Are you are a business owner or a blogger who wants to setup your own business website or blogging website?

If so then you’re probably thinking that it’s really complicated or expensive. But in fact, it’s actually pretty straightforward.

These are the major steps involved:

  • Choose a Domain name and purchase it to prevent anyone else using it.
  • Decide the requirement for your website (e.g. Ecommerce, corporate, lead generation, etc.)
  • Select an appropriate Content Management System (CMS) or Website builder that meets your requirement
  • Either choose a Web Designer who can build your website or use our Website Builder tool
  • Get some hosting space to host your website’s files
  • Upload your website files to your hosting space
  • Use proper SEO techniques to attract bots, search engines and more visitors.

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Choose a Domain name and purchase it from a Domain Registrar

First thing you need to do for building your own website is to choose a domain name that suites your purpose, be it business or blogging etc..

If the domain is available, purchase the domain and you will be sent you domain control panel login with which you can manage the domain. For eg: assigning the nameservers, renewing the domain etc can be done from the domain control panel provided to you in the welcome email.

Requirements For Website Design

Once you’ve got your domain name, you can think about building your website. The first step to website building is to gather all the information and data you wish to include in the website. Think of the main pages you want to use and the layout and structure.

Also think about the purpose of your site. Are you selling online in which case you’ll need to consider payment systems and a shopping cart. Or is it for lead generation, in which case you’ll need to think about lead capture forms and lead generation content.

Select The CMS Or Website Builder That Meets Your Requirement

For this you may need to hire a Web Designer or Developer. Once you analyse the website/blog requirements, you need to choose a CMS like WordPress/Magento/Joomla etc. or our free Website Builder tool if you have a basic requirement and a low budget.

For more advanced requirements like Ecommerce then CMS like Magento and Joomla are very good options as they can hold thousands of products and are easily manageable via an admin panel. If you want to start a simple blog, WordPress is a good choice. The point is to choose a strong foundation for your website or blog.

Hire A Web Designer Or Use Our Website Builder tool

If you are not confident and you have the budget then you can choose a Web Designer. Be sure to check their previous work and if possible speak to previous clients.

If you can’t afford to hire a Designer, you can either use a CMS like WordPress with a ready made template (called a WordPress Theme) or if you are not technical then try our free Website Builder. With this tool you can create easily with the help of ready made templates. Website Builder is basic but easy and cheap and the results are very good. Basically, if you can browse you can build.

Purchase Hosting Space

Once your new website is ready you need to upload it to your hosting space.

For this you need to purchase hosting space depending upon the resource consumption, traffic and other requirements of the website. If you are having a simple blog with a normal amount of visitors, a Shared Hosting account is sufficient.

If you are having busy, high traffic website or online store you might need a VPS or a Cloud Virtual Server or a Dedicated Server. However, these really are for heavy traffic websites.

Upload Your Website Files To Hosting space

Once you purchase the hosting account, you’ll receive the login credentials to login to the server or your shared hosting account space. Then you can upload the website contents either by FTP or via File manager in the web hosting control panel. You can follow our FTP guide for uploading the data to the hosting space. If you use a Web Designer then just pass them the FTP details in the welcome email & they will do this for you.

If you use a tool like WordPress then this is all done automatically. You just click on publish when you are ready or when you want to update pages.

One final point is that you will need to point your domain’s Nameservers (DNS) to point to the server that you are hosted on. The Nameservers are included in your welcome email. If your domain is registered with Pickaweb then this will usually be preset so there is nothing you need to worry about. If your domain is registered with another company then you just need to login to your domain name management area to make the changes.

Use proper SEO techniques to attract Bots, Search Engines and more Visitors

Once your website is online, everyone will be able to access it via web browser. However, to give yourself every chance of success you need to optimize your website and create content for the search engines like Google. Our free book will explain everything for you.

I hope you find this post on how to make a website or a blog useful.

If you have any questions or comments please add them below.

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