In this video tutorial, we show you how to read and send email from Apple Mail.

For Mac (OS X 10.0 or later) users, Apple Mail is the default email client. Once you’ve added an email account and set up an outgoing server for the same, you’re ready to use Apple Mail for sending and receiving messages. It takes only a couple of minutes to understand how you can manage emails while using Appl Mail.

Here are some quick points for your convenience –

Any unread message has a blue dot next to it.

If you want to read a message, you simply need to click it. As soon as you click it, the message is displayed in the pane below. The message is also marked as read once it’s been viewed.

Click Reply, if you want to respond to a message you’re reading.

To write a new email, you should click New Message. When you click, you’ll see a new box where you’ll need to enter the recipient’s email address, a subject and then type your message in the space provided. You can choose the From email address as required. There are many options to format the body of your message as well. The Attach icon allows you to attach a file with the message you want to send. Click Send when done.

The Outbox shows all the messages you’ve sent.

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