In order to register a .UK domain name you need to take into account several factors.

The domain may show as available but you are not entitled to purchase it.

Who is entitled to register a .UK domain?

If you already own the version of the domain name you are automatically entitled to the .UK domain extension. (If the domain was registered before the 28th October 2013)

The owner is entitled for 5 years.

If unsure you can always contact us and we will help you.

What are the advantages of a .UK domain?

It is a great option for UK businesses as it is short and it clearly states the country of the website.

How do I find out who is entitled to register the .UK extension of the domain name?

If you are interested in a UK domain name before trying to register it we would recommend checking if someone currently owns the rights of the .uk domain extension. You can check it here

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