There are times when you would want to remove hosting server. If you need to do something like this, you can get it done in a couple of steps.

You can remove the backup from the server via command line as follows:

1. Login into server as root.
2. Remove the backup by executing the following command

rm -rf /backup/cpbackup/weekly/username
rm -rf /backup/cpbackup/daily

For example, let’s see how to remove the backup for the domain

1. Get the user name from /var/cpanel/accounting.log

grep /var/cpanel/accounting.log

2. Remove the backup for the domain from weekly or daily as per the requirement

rm -rf /backup/cpbackup/weekly/test
rm -rf /backup/cpbackup/daily/test

That’s how you can have backups removed for a specific domain from the server.

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