You can restart services on your Pickaweb VPS using WHM panel or SSH.

To restart services with WHM

  • Login to WHM.
  • Navigate to Restart Services.


  • Click on the service which you want to restart.
  • Click yes when prompted.



To restart services with SSH

Login to your VPS as root user in the syntax:

ssh -l root IP_address -p port_number

Run the following command to restart services in Redhat/CentOS, run:

service service_name restart

For example:

service httpd restart

For Ubuntu/Debian based, run:

/etc/init.d/service_name restart

For example:

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

This will restart the service.

We hope you have found this tutorial useful on restart services on your VPS server.

Thanks for reading and leave your questions below to keep the conversation going.

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