Cronjobs are scheduled tasks used to automate the server administration process.

If you need to perform a task after say 5 hours, you just have to add a cronjob for it.

cPanel provides a very easy interface for adding cronjobs. You can access cronjobs via cPanel >> Advanced >> Cron Jobs.


As you can see from the screenshot, fields are:

Minute: Values from 0 – 59

Hour: Values from 0 – 23

Day of Month: Values from 1 – 31

Month: Values from 1 – 12

Day of Week: Values from 0 – 7, where 0 = Sunday

Command: Command to be executed. eg: /usr/bin/php  /home/pickaweb/public_html/testscript.php

Just click on ‘Add New Cron Job’ button once the values are specified.

If you need to receive email notifications about the execution of the cronjobs you can set Cron Email in the same page. If it is not set, it will be sent to the default catch-all email address.

If you need any assistance, just contact our 24/7 ever reliable support department via LiveChat or Email.

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