Do you want to set the interval for auto responder below 1 hour?

Auto responder not working?

In default, cPanel will allow a minimum interval of 1 hours for the autoresponders. But this will create the issue that when an email send from a particular mail ID within an hour, he will not receive the auto responder. You can fix this issue by following the below steps.

1. Log in to cPanel.

2. Goto FIle manager(use the option show hidden files) and check for the folder ”.autorespond”. This will be located with the public_html folder(Not inside).

3. In side the folder .autorespond, you can find the file for the particular mail ID for which you have set the autoresponder with a suffix .json. Open the file.

4. You will find an entry like the below.


In the field for the #, enter 1 .(This will enable the interval as 1 sec. If you want to increase the value, you can increase it)

5. Save the file.

Try sending mails. The autoresponder issue will be fixed now.

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