Check out this video tutorial to learn how to set up a database using MySQL Database Wizard in cPanel.

There are two ways to set up a database in cPanel – the MySQL Databases menu and the MySQL Database Wizard. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about how to use the MySQL Database Wizard to accomplish the task. From within your web hosting cPanel, you can do it within minutes.

Here are steps to follow –

1. Log in to your cPanel interface.
2. Navigate to the Databases section on home screen.
3. Click on the MySQL Database Wizard icon.
4. Enter a name for the database you want to set up.
5. Enter a Username.
6. Enter a Password.
7. Re-enter the Password for confirmation.
8. Click the Create User button.
9. Check the All Privileges check box.
10. Click the Next Step button.

You’ve successfully created your MySQL database and added a new user to the same as well. In order to connect any script to the database, you’ll need to use the database name, username and password.

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