In this video tutorial, we show you how to set up rules and filters in Apple Mail.

To keep your online communications headache-free, it’s important to stop unwanted messages from displaying in your inbox. By setting up rules and filters in Apple Mail, you can easily accomplish this task. Once you’ve set up Apple Mail rules, you’ll be directing those messages that aren’t needed to a separate or trash folder. It happens automatically on the basis of the sender email address or other conditions you’ve specified.

Here’s how to get it done –

1. Log in to your Apple Mail.
2. Go to Mail.
3. Click Preferences.
4. Select Rules.
5. Click Add Rule.
6. Enter a description.
7. Choose to sort if any or all the following conditions are fulfilled.
8. Click plus (+) to add another condition.
9. Select the action for the condition.
10. Click the OK button.
11. Click Apply to apply the rule to messages in your inbox.

That’s how you can create rules in Apple Mail so that you don’t see spam or unwanted messages in your inbox.

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