It’s always a good idea to show related posts to users when they are reading a particular post. This might increase the hits you get for the pages. If you have a WordPress site, this feature can be added quite easily with the help of a plugin.

Within minutes, you’ll have your site displaying related or similar posts for each post. This feature can be applied to pages as well, in the same way as it works with posts.

If you have a WordPress hosting service please see the following instructions in order to install the plugin:

1. There are multiple plugins that you can use to show related posts or pages on your WordPress site. One of the most popular and highly recommended among these is Yet Another Related Posts (YARP) plugin. It uses a unique algorithm to find out which posts are most relevant or similar to the one that the user is reading and then list them on the site. YARP Basic is free to use while need to pay for YARP Pro, which comes along with additional features and powerful enhancements.

Some key features of YARP Basic include:

  • Thumbnail view or list view.
  • Related posts, pages and custom post types.
  • Advanced templating system.
  • Sophisticated algorithm.
  • Related posts in RSS feed

On the YARP page in the official WordPress Plugin Directory, you can gather more details about the plugin.

2. Go to the official plugin directory of WordPress and enter YARP or ‘related posts plugin’ in the search box at the top. Once it appears in the search result, click on the link to go to the plugin page. Now click the big Donwload button that you see on the right hand side to download the plugin files to your computer.

3. Now, log in to your WordPress dashboard. In the left navigation, go to ‘Plugins’ and then click on ‘Add New’. Click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and then the ‘Browse’ button. Select the plugin folder on your computer. Once you’ve added the folder, click the ‘Install Now’ button to begin with the installation process. In a few moments, you’ll see a confirmation message that the plugin was installed successfully.

4. Next, you should go to Installed Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard and click the ‘Activate’ corresponding link so that the YARP plugin starts to function and show related posts.

5. After you have activated the plugin, go to Settings >> YARP to configure the plugin according to your specific requirements. Once you are on the settings page, navigate to the ‘Display Options for your Website’ and under ‘Automatically Display’ option, you should choose posts and pages. If you want the plugin to show only related posts (and not related pages), then you should choose just the posts and leave others unchecked.

6. Finally, click the Save Changes button. That’s it! The YARP plugin will now show related posts on your site.

That’s how you can start showing related posts (and pages) on your WordPress site with the help of a plugin. The feature makes your site more attractive to visitors because it allows them an easy way to explore topics or subjects that are related to a particular entry.

Some of the other plugins used for showing related posts are:

  1. Contextual Related Posts
  2. Related Posts for WordPress
  3. Yuzo – Related Posts
  4. Inline Related Posts


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