Watch this video to know how you can synchronize Softaculous with other auto-installers.

The Softaculous application comes along with a lot of handy features; one of these is the synchronization feature. Whether you have scripts or web applications already installed manually or via any other auto-installer, you can sync them with Softaculous without any hassle. All it takes is just a couple of clicks, and you’re done.

Follow these steps to complete synchronization –

1. Log in to your cPanel.
2. Navigate to the Software/Services section.
3. Click on the Softaculous icon.
4. Click on the Synchronization icon (round in shape) at the top.
5. Check the box next to the script you want to sync.
6. Click the Sync/Import button.

In a moment, you’ll receive a message confirming that you’ve synced the script or software you wanted to sync.

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