Guide to moving a domain, hosting and website away from Easyspace

Are you looking to transfer your domain away from Easyspace?. This is easy. We have put together a quick guide that explains the whole process of moving away from Easyspace.

1. How To Transfer A Domain Name From Easyspace to Pickaweb

The process of transferring a domain name is slightly different depending on the domain extension.

By domain name extension I mean If for instance, you have a domain or a .com.

Transferring UK Domain Names

Find out more on How To Transfer a UK Domain Name.

A UK domain transfer is totally Free of charge. There is no cost associated with moving a UK domain name from Easyspace to Pickaweb. You just need to change the IPSTAG of your domain name to ours.

Transfer your domains to Pickaweb here

Transferring TLD (Top Level Domains) eg: .com, .net, .org 

Transferring a TLD from Easyspace to Pickaweb is very easy.

Find out more on how to transfer a TLD Domain from Easyspace to Pickaweb

You just need to initiate the transfer at the company that you are transferring to – in this case, Pickaweb. The cost is the same as a 1-year domain registration. See prices here. Once the domain name has been successfully transferred to Pickaweb an additional year of registration will be automatically added to your domain.

Transfer your domains to Pickaweb here

2. How To Transfer Your Website From Easyspace to Pickaweb

If you need to move your website from Easyspace to Pickaweb we can do it all for you totally free of charge. We have a team of experts in website migrations that can do it for you.

We can Migrate Your Website Away From Easyspace Totally Free

When you order a web hosting service from Pickaweb you are entitled to a free website migration where we take care of everything. We move your whole website to Pickaweb for you.

Instructions If you Prefer To Do the Migration Yourself

Did you find this guide on how to transfer your domain and website away from Easyspace useful?

If you have any questions please ask below or contact us anytime. We are available 24×7.

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