Updating cPanel/WHM to the Newest Version

If you run your own cpanel server or vps then the most important security step to be taken in cPanel server management is to update cPanel version as soon as the new update is available.

The main reason behind this is that the bugs and vulnerabilities would most likely be fixed in the newer versions or in their latest updates.

This tutorial explains how to update cPanel via front end and via command line.

Update cPanel via WHM Panel (front end)

To update cPanel/WHM via front end or web interface login to WHM panel and go to:

Home >> cPanel >> Upgrade to Latest Version


Click on the ‘Click to Upgrade’ button to update cPanel/WHM to the latest version.

If the cPanel/WHM installation is already updated and you still want to re-install it, you can check the tick box ‘Force a reinstall even if the system is up to date’.

This is usuall done in cases when cPanel/WHM files got deleted or edited accidentally or if the files hasgone corrupted and cPanel is not functioning the way it should be.

There is another very useful option provided by cPanel which is to choose the preferred cPanel/WHM version. You can use this option if you want any older version of cPanel/WHM.

Go to WHM >> Server Configuration >> Update Preferences


You can select the preferred version from the list of available ones and click save. Next time you update cPanel, this preferred version will be installed.

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Update cPanel via Command Line

cPanel provides custom script for updating cPanel via command line or terminal. You just need to SSH into the server and execute the script. This custom script is uploaded to the server while installing cPanel.

After you login to the server with SSH just run execute the cPanel update script with the following command.


This will update the cPanel/WHM installation only and no data will be modified. To force the cPanel/WHM update execute this script with the –force flag.

/scripts/upcp –force

This is used to re-install cPanel/WHM installation again even if it is already upgraded. The idea behind this is mentiond earlier in this article.

You can choose which version to update (if you like an older version or to keep a stable version if the new release isn’t quite convincing for you) by specifying the version in the file /etc/cpupdate.conf

You can view the cPanel update logs in /var/cpanel/updatelogs/last. All the updates will be logged in the said file and you can refer this for references regarding the updates.

There you go, this is all you need to do to upgrade  your cPanel/WHM server to the latest available version.


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