The video shows you how to upgrade a script installed by Softaculous.

When managing multiple scripts installed by Softaculous, it’s also important to keep all of them up-to-date. New versions of software applications always do a great job of boosting the security of your website and keeping bugs away. From within your cPanel of your website, you can easily upgrade any script installed by Softaculous in a few clicks.

Follow these steps to upgrade a script –

1. Log in to your cPanel.
2. Navigate to the Software/Services section.
3. Click-open Softaculous.
4. Click on the List icon at the top.
5. Look for the upgrade icon against each of the installed scripts – two curved arrows turning clockwise.
6. Click the icon, against a script that needs to be upgraded, to begin.
7. Finally, click the Upgrade button.

In a moment, you’ll receive a confirmation message that the software or the script was successfully upgraded.

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