RV Site builder doesn’t have any in-built E-commerce feature. However, you can install any E-commerce software like Presta shop, OS commerce in a separate folder and then link the shopping cart in RV site builder to the folder. You can install E-commerce software using the Softaculous tool available in cPanel.

To install the E-commerce software, follow the steps below.

1) Log in to cPanel.
2) Go to Softaculous available under Software/Services category.
3) Click on E-Commerce on the left pane.
4) Select any E-commerce software and you will see the overview of the software
5) To install, click Install option available at the top pane.
6) You will redirected to a form structure to fill the details for the installation.
7) Fill the necessary details and then click Install.

You have successfully installed E-commerce. Now you can log in to the administrator page of the software and then start managing the online store.

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